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Buy a Refurbished Dell PowerEdge R430 1U Server from KahnServers

What is the Dell PowerEdge R430 1U?

Packing an incredible amount of processing power in a 1U chassis, the R430 is a great cost-efficient solution for enterprises that wish to get high computational power with restricted office space.
Productivity applications such as site security and surveillance and other intensive computational work is a breeze for the R430 with the V4 processor.

Key Features


The hardware of this PowerEdge R430 server has been implemented neatly on C610 chip set that is dual socket, and is installed with a processor from the Xeon E5 2600 V4 line up. The server has a total of 12 DIMM slots that house DDR4 2400 MT/s high speed RAM modules. You can obtain a maximum storage of 384 GB on the R430.

Inside the server, you get two PCIe 3.0 lanes for enhanced communication and twice the data transfer in comparison to predeceasing generations. The refurbished server has four hard disk drive bays that use 3.5” LFF SAS, SATA or SSD drives. You can obtain a maximum internal memory of 16 TB on the R430.

A dual-purpose USB port on the front panel can be used for I/O devices and managing the iDRAC8 for remote access. A diagnostic LED and an NMI troubleshoot button are also found on the front panel.

On the rear panel, you find a VGA port and a serial port along with two USB ports being 2.0 and 3.0 respectively. Moreover, you can also find two ethernet ports and access to the two PCIe slots in the read panel.


You can manage a number of intensive workloads with a breeze given the V4 processor and the generous storage capacity that the server supports. The performance you can obtain from your refurbished server however depends on how you configure your server.
The R430 is suitable for enterprise-oriented tasks but can be configured for deployment in smaller businesses as well.

Management and Deployment

Managing an R430 is easy given its identification and diagnosis LED panel on the front and the hot swappable hard drives. Moreover, the 1U chassis fits on a server rack and can be set up to work within minutes. The cable management kit makes deployment neater and more organized in workspaces where there are a large number of servers at work.

Remote Management

The presence of iDRAC8 with a Lifecycle controller allows for automated deployment and remote management through the Dell OpenManage platform. This makes functionality particularly easier when you wish to manage a large number of servers or monitor and update the server remotely.

Should You Buy a Refurbished Server?

Here at KahnServers, we test and verify your refurbished server before shipping and each server from us comes with a one-year RTB warranty.
With new servers, the rate of depreciation is sometimes not worth the price tag and the room for scalability is also limited since one already spends thousands to deploy it. Refurbished servers are a better option due to the room for scalability since you can always upgrade components without them being too heavy on your pocket and also the rate of depreciation is relatively lower than that for new servers.

Why Choose KahnServers?

At KahnServers, you can purchase the DELL PowerEdge R430 1U at a base price of £499.99 with additional costs depending on how you custom build your server. Apart from customer support, we also offer technical support to our clients for our devices to ensure smooth and reliable use of your refurbished server.