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How to build a good set of golf club fitting

How to build a good set of golf club fitting


It is very important while doing any golf club fitting, that one needs to understand the manner in which golfers swing. The shaft matching a golfer’s swing is about a resounding four-fifths of the entire fitting process. The length, the loft, the lie and the grip from the remainder one-fifths of it. It is necessary to know that a golfer’s swing is much, much more than just its clubhead speed. 

One can classify golfers in a particular manner. They are either hitters, or swingers or they come somewhere between these two types. Hitters tend to make and create a great deal of acceleration. On the other hand, swingers, are more smooth in their hitting. It is said that about nine in every ten of all golfers are hitters. Swingers are able to hit a shaft which is bouncier at the base. A hitter, on the flip side, requires a shaft which tends to be stiffer on the underside. Swingers are able to hit shafts with higher torque degrees and hitters tend to require a lesser amount of this. 

It is often to do proper golf club hitting due to stories circulating about this one facet all over the place.  There are plenty of misnomers about it. It is now understood that to be able to do good golf club hitting, one needs to have some amount of freeness of mind and not go-ahead to do this with a set mind frame. Awareness about golf club hitting is slowly, but surely, increasing in golfing circles. This arena was sadly neglected at one point in time. However, even today, several golfers go ahead and get their golf club hitting done in local Golf Balls, Where they pick up their golf accessories like golf rangefinder, golf balls, and golf clubs from golfing were house & big stores. 

Professional golf club hitters tend to ridicule this habit of not getting good enough golf club hitting done. It is not a job that should ideally come in the purview of fitting carts. Fitting carts, at the most, may have three or four shafts. For ideal golf club hitting, one needs to have up to forty of them. Fitting a player, if one goes as per the rules of the book, is a process that may take up to about two and a half hours for a full set of clubs. 

The basic bottom line in the process of golf club hitting is matching the shaft to the swing. A lot of golfers who are actually going in for a fitting are also going in search of getting good instructions for bettering their game. These two acts usually go hand in hand and one after the other, at most times. Fitting a player’s swing as against going as per static measurements are debatable topics of discussion. If you wish to fit the swing, it can be bettered, no doubt is what is commonly perceived these days.