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Wall-mounted kiosk – Your Dream Come True Technology

Wall-mounted kiosk – Your Dream Come True Technology


With summer just around the corner, shopping malls, restaurants, amusement parks, banks, etc., are gearing up to entertain huge crowds. Among other things, businesses that value customer experience is setting up innovative ways to further enhance their consumer satisfaction.

Given people’s inclination for ease of accessibility, convenience, and time-effective services, what better solution is there than to have an efficient interactive self-service technology kiosk in place?  That too, a kind of technology which does not get in the way of people in an already crowded space? Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about thoroughly compatible wall-mounted kiosks!

Today, thanks to a wide range of self-service kiosks, you cannot only reclaim your self-sufficiency, but you can also actually put it to good use in order to conduct any number of tasks without human intervention except your own.


Some of these tasks include:

  •     From selection to check-out of shopping in a small or big establishment alike.
  •     Picnic in a park or visit the nearest zoo without having to depend on any guide.
  •   Make reservations or eat on spot in a café or restaurant without the tedium of reception, waiters, or pay up.
  •     Pay your bills, deposit or debit your cash, place any request, or simply open & close your bank account.
  •     Book tickets in cinemas, festivals, stadiums, etc., or grab a quick bite outside.
  •   Navigate unfamiliar territories of a hospital or a liberal to locate just the right department and specialist.

An interactive, touch screen wall mounted kiosk is made with the singular objective to facilitate customers in their varying endeavors. The success of said objective is glaringly obvious in many credible statistics such as one where 30% increase in spending has been recorded when consumer shop through self-service kiosk installations rather than a traditional counter.

Wall-mounted kiosks help you with:

You are busy, we all are, with several personal and professional responsibilities that leave little time for amusements. Although shopping, especially the grocery, medicine, home & office equipment is hardly an amusing task, to give it a context in terms of exception from the monotonous routine. 

A self-service kiosk technology helps you through the following aspects:

  •     You can save a considerable amount of time and that undisputedly is the first consumer priority.
  •     You can do away with the weariness of long queues whether for a check-in or check-out from shopping outlets, hotels, entertainment facilities or hospitals.
  •   You can conduct a number of chores anytime and anywhere without the annoyance of getting stuck in a crowd.
  •       You can discard the dullness of keeping and managing the paperwork of various bills and receipts.
  •       You can personalize your experiences which in turn will save you the hassle of going through never-ending choices of similar product or service.
  •       You can keep up with the workplace policies, announcements, or changes as well as manage your own pay stubs or reimbursement claims.


The consumer-centric possibilities and benefits of wall-mounted kiosks are literally limitless. Yet, the most outstanding aspect still is its position. Mounted high on a wall with a well thought out height adjustment enables you to read the information you need, even if you cannot get within the close proximity of the device.

 The advanced software configuration of wall-mounted kiosks enables some exceptionally distinct and convenient features that include remote compatibility, reminder assistance, customized security, etc. All of which work in coordination to abet pleasant, improved, and time-effective user experience. 

Wrapping it up:

Kiosk technology in general and wall-mounted kiosks in particular not only speed up processes, but they also ensure overall improved customer experience. The individual customization with tailored options facilitates service accuracy like nothing else. The interactive indoor kiosks are proving to strike the perfect balance between businesses and their targeted audience in terms of maximum benefits and profitability.